By the numbers- (What the big companies don’t want you to know)

Before hiring the big company, ask these questions…


#1: Do they over-book receptions and hire sub-contractors?

  • Unlike the big companies who send out a “representative”, I will personally meet with you and will be the DJ/MC at your special event.
  • We offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the entertainment.

 The old bait and switch…

This is where the big DJ Companies sign a contract for your reception and then they send out a completely different DJ, or one who doesn’t even really work for the company you hired, to cover your reception.  Without any advance warning, your reception is then put into the hands of a total stranger who may be less qualified and who might not fully understand exactly what kind of reception you have been hoping and planning for.  Some have even gone as far as to show up for the grand entrance and/or dinner, and then duck out for another reception, leaving their “assistant” to finish the job.  This highly unethical bait and switch routine has given the DJ industry a bad reputation.  Fortunately I am the DJ and will not pull this tactic on you on your special day.

#2: Will they meet with you in person to help you plan your reception?

  • I will meet with each couple at his or her home of wherever may be most convenient.
  • I will meet as many times necessary to make sure all flows smoothly.
  • I am there to listen to you and make sure your special day goes exactly as you wish.


This is where you are told to do your meetings on the phone or you get asked to fill out paperwork yourself and send it back with a signed contract and a check, before you even get to meet with a real person.  Would you sign a contract for something as important as a wedding reception without a face to face meeting?  This practice is very common among companies that overbook and sub-contract because then you have no idea what your DJ even looks like, and so you’ll be less likely to spot the bait and switch.

#3: Will they coordinate the entire reception for you?

  • I will coordinate your entire reception from the moment of your introduction to your guests’ musical requests.
  • I will work with your photographer, caterer, and videographer, etc. to make sure they are prepared at those key moments where you may only have one chance to capture that magical moment
  • I will follow the plan prearranged on the wedding planner and are versatile to change up until the last second, if you would like to make any changes.


Most DJ’s will tell you they coordinate the events at your reception.  To verify whether they actually do or not, ask to see their detailed checklist, which they should be using at each event to make sure everything is in place and all events will flow together smoothly.  If they don’t have a checklist prepared, then they aren’t really prepared to coordinate your reception and events.  Whether the DJ wants to coordinate or not, when things go wrong, he is the 1’st person everybody looks to for directions, answers, and for someone to blame.  DJ’s already have the responsibility, so they should act accordingly.

#4: What do they offer that makes their services unique?

  • I offer a variety of ideas that will make your wedding reception unique but will also honor your request of a traditional fun and classy reception.
  • I promise to keep your reception’s attention where it should be – on you.
  • I will incorporate any ideas for your reception you may have into the production.


#5: Do they have company standards that govern their behavior?

  • I pride myself on professionalism and at no time would jeopardize my reputation with outlandish antics.
  • I promise to meet if not exceed any and all expectations you may have.
  • I will provide references that will vouch for my professionalism.  I have never DJ’d an event where I was afraid to offer a Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  Will your other DJ service offer that?


Some DJ’s are notorious for doing the most inappropriate things at wedding receptions.  Things like helping themselves to the open bar, hitting on your Maid of Honor, or playing a song by 2 Live Crew when your grandparents finally get out on the dance floor.  If they don’t have written standards that govern their behavior, then they are telling you that just about anything could happen at your reception.

#6: Are there any hidden charges?

  • I do not have any hidden charges.  What our agreement states, is what you pay! 
  • Will other DJ’s charge extra for basic equipment such as dual cordless microphones?
  • Will other DJ’s propose additional charges for planning meetings or set up time?
  • Will other DJ’s buy any music they may need for your reception at ne extra cost to you?


It is all too common to find DJ’s who will have extra “hidden charges” for things that should be included as a normal part of their service.  They will charge you to bring a cordless microphone or additional speakers.  They also have loading fees for stairs or even an extra charge for additional planning meetings.  If they were already charging a professional price for their service to begin with, this wouldn’t be necessary.

#7: Do they have a wide base of experience to draw from?

  • I have been DJ’ing professionally for 9 years and have a music collection of over 10,000 songs.
  • I keep up with the latest in trends and will feel out your crowd to play the most appropriate songs, and of course you are in charge.  I promise to play what you want at any time!


In order to provide the best quality entertainment possible, every DJ should be actively seeking to improve and broaden their entertainment capabilities.  Most DJ’s aren’t fulfilling this important detail because they fall into the categories described by Questions #1 & #2, and therefore, don’t really care about improving their services.  People tend to become what they are committed to becoming.  The same is true for DJ’s

#8: Do they have the skills to deliver announcements that are clear and direct?

  • Do they have any public speaking experience outside of Mobile DJ work?
  • Do they have any speech and/or vocal training?
  • Are their announcements direct and to the point?


If you’ve ever seen someone try to get a crowd’s attention without the proper vocal skills, then we need not say more.  I’ve observed many unprepared, inexperienced DJ’s completely forget what they were going to say or use words like, “uh” and “um” when they are nervous.  Most of the time, the guests cannot understand and are left asking each other, “What did he just say?”  The person you choose as your DJ will be your spokesperson and will be representing you and your guest.  Choose wisely.

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Sometimes you never know who’s going to show up until it’s too late…

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