Why Dj Renty?

Why Choose Dj Renty over another DJ service or cheaper Craigslist DJ’s?

One year from now, what will you remember from your wedding day?  What will your guest remember? The beautiful décor of flowers and ornaments of course will be remembered.  The dramatic love that you and your husband emanated no doubt will be a memory no one will forget.  Will they remember how much fun they had?  Entertainment is key to any wedding reception; we want your special day to be full of love that you will remember for the rest of your lives…

Dj Renty

(619) 796-1815


Sure you can get cheaper DJ’s on Craigslist, but do they know what they are doing?  Are you 100% confident that your $40.00 an hour DJ has the right equipment?  Does he/she have microphones, back up equipment and Insurance?  Is there a written contract?  Do you have peace of mind hiring somebody that won’t take the time to meet you and discuss how your perfect day will be scheduled?  Ask yourself these questions. Call one of these Dj’s and find out, then call me for an appointment. (619) 796-1815.

ACTUAL Craigslist DJ…  Again, you get what you pay for…

Posted December 1, 2010 by admin