Wedding DJ Elimination?

Can DJ’s be eliminated? Many people are under the impression that DJ’ing weddings doesn’t involve skill. They also believe that making announcements in front of hundreds of people is something that anyone can do. That is completely false. Years and years of planning, performing and DJ’ing have made me the DJ/MC I am today and can tell you that experience and repetition build the skills involved.

One last thing to think about; You probably will be spending thousands on your wedding venue, dress, tux, flowers, invitations and so on. Many couples think the DJ is an expense that they can skim on because they can do it themselves. When you apply that logic, couldn’t you then eliminate the photographer and use disposable cameras? Couldn’t your “friend or cousin” just take pictures? No, there is a skill involved and people pay thousands of dollars for Wedding photographs. There is also a skill in Mobile DJ’ing and unfortunately many brides and grooms learn the hard way. Don’t make that mistake. Hire a professional who has the right equipment, is experienced and is insured. Call AR entertainment now for a no obligation quote.

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Posted January 7, 2011 by admin