What will you remember?

When you think about your reception, what is the driving force that will keep your reception flowing and will hold your guests’ attention?  Could it be:

The Flowers?

The flowers are very important for their decorative value, but they are not the driving force.

The Food?


The food is very crucial, but if it were the driving force, then the party would be over when the dining is over.

The Cake?


What is a reception without cake?  However, the cake is obviously not the driving force at your reception.

The Photographs?

The memories of your reception will be forever preserved in the photographs.  However, the photographs are meant to document your reception rather than be the driving force.


Your Mother?

If nobody else steps up to be the driving force, then your Mother may have to fill that role.  However, most Moms would prefer to enjoy the reception, as they should!!!

It seems very clear that the real driving force at your reception is the… ENTERTAINMENT!

Because your reception is an ENTERTAINMENT driven event, every detail should be examined from an ENTERTAINMENT perspective.

As owner and Dj/MC, I am more that willing to share my insights on wedding reception planning that has been developed from years of experience and from performing at numerous receptions.  My number one goal is the same as yours, to provide a quality entertainment experience that your guests will enjoy, appreciate, feel included in and remember for years to come.

Dj Renty

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Posted December 1, 2010 by admin